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Actuation Partners's purpose is to make brand investment a more powerful process. Ensuring it fits with your overarching strategy and delivers real results. We work with both consumer and industrial brands, and use a variety of techniques to achieve objectives.

We believe that brands are cognitive relationships connecting the producer or product to target audiences. Investment in these is hard, costly, and potentially time consuming. It requires an element of clarity and a varying degree of precision.


We aim to reduce management's risk, lower the costs, and improve the performance of these relationships.



Locating, describing, and if possible quantifying the size of target groups is a pre-requisite of  improving your performance. However greater performance  is possible by a profound understanding of such "candidate" groups in terms of perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours.


We believe that a consumers abstract world is the most powerful factor in shaping the nature of a brand relationship.


What we do is to provide a way of seeing your brand through the eyes of other people.


We provide research, contribute to brand development both originating and extending existing ones, present informed opinion, and act as advocates for your brand.


Fees are individual to every project, but we aim to be as reasonable as possible and affordable, especially for earlier stage businesses.

What we do

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