Who we are -


Richard Small


Richard delivers insight into managers customer behaviour and end users consumer behaviour.

An experienced consultant, researcher and academic offering expertise in consumer behaviour, organisational behaviour, marketing strategy, and internal marketing. In the education business he has re-built business operations whilst maintaining standards. Outside of education he has managed consultancy led sales for twelve years, working as lead consultant has sharpened his rapport and instinct with senior management. Qualitative technique as always been his principal set of tools, the value of which is elevated by both clarity in understanding the business issues, together with a broad knowledge and experience base.


Richard has a BSc (Hons) in Economics and an MA in Marketing. 


What we believe -


"Working alongside people...."


Focus groups and executive interviewing, especially the latter are the principal tools. Value is created through the insightful interpretation of the outcomes from the use of carefully constructed reserach instruments and sophisticated analysis. Whilst modern computer based tools of analysis are open to us often a more human approach may be more satisfying and realistic.  Our approach is best summed up by the short phrase above because we believe the better we understand people, the warmer our relationship yet still retaining the security of objectivity the more likely we are to achieve more solidly concrete outcomes.


We believe that people have complex relationships with brands part rational based on performances and metrics, and part based on perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, and more subtle components such as emotional associations for example nostalgia. This may be true with both consumer and industrial customers.


Furthermore the bedrock of all industrial marketing just as it is more directly with consumer marketing is the proverbial "man in the street" without the consumer there would be no customer and probably no job for the producer! Ultimately consumer insights drive every facet of marketing strategy.


The Brand Thing


"A relationship which involves thinking and knowingness, but also wanting, and an intention to act."


Brands are just like people, they are personalities, with characteristics (or features) which if are to be focal points in the design of the brand are often termed brand values, where consumers and customers value them (are prepared to pay a premium for the product with this brand identity) these values may be called "brand equities".


Brands have to invested in or supported, stories have to be told and a sense of involvement or centrality with the consumer's personal world has to be developed, consumers live through their unfulfilled aspirational world and plausible connections with who they would like to be are, to them, very valuable.


Idealy the brand the brand manager creates and designs should converge with the brand that the consumers perceive and to which they relate.


However frequently things do not go to plan, the world turns and what was once a success now seems threatened, or what we hoped would be valuable turns out not to be or is valued by the "wrong" target group in the "wrong way".


The following 2 models illustrate this, these are the models with which we work. 











We work to ensure that these 4 elements of branding are working synchronously, and at the highest levels of performance which are sustainable. The aim of converging actual brand perception to anticipated brand perception is our focus.



Conditions of business change constantly, strategic thinking needs to be clear, concise, consistent, and competent.


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