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It's not B2B it's Industrial Marketing


This is a huge grouping and we have expertise across a wide range of industries; medical, construction, IT, distribution, chemical, clothing, jewellery, agricultural. No industrial class will be ignored. The market is approached carefully and respondents discreetly identified. All interviews are confidential, and within the guidelines of the MRS. Brands in Industrial Markets are just as valuable as consumer brands.... decision makers and groups have strong relationships with abstract objects including their suppliers brands.



Stuff that the well heeled buy


Or as it sometimes called "Luxury Goods" and to address the aspirational qualities in so many lifestyle types increasingly often a new term; "Accessible Luxury". Whatever it is called often the consumer is a member of the same group that constitutes the decision makers in industrial markets.  


Consumers of such "high end" brands have complicated relationships with the objects of considerable psychological investment, new targets may not always be open to the old arguments.


Confidential Interviews may well be the best way forward owing to the psychological as well as financial investments being made. An area where we display great passion and equal amounts of objectivity.


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