What we do -

It's always situationally dependent


People and their relationships; with themselves, with each other, with their organisations; culture, strategy, motivational policies; and with your  organisation and its "things", also there are factors elsewhere; social trends, technology, competitior activity, and substitutes. Aside from this and perhaps most important of all there are the client's objectives.

It's more than B2B or Qualitative Research


It could be "intelligence gathering", "analysis and interpretation", it may be a "Learning or Change event ". We prefer to use phrases such as "consumer markets" and "industrial markets". We think in terms of relationships between" industrial customers", "consumers" and "original producers".


We work with clients and their brands in many ways, principally but not exclusively at a strategic level, here are some of these:


  • An effective briefing - we work with you to produce clarity in the "task", "the objectives", "the issues".
  • Executive interviewing - we have experience, and can inject gravitas, a sense of purpose, and authorativeness.
  • "Kelly grid" type technique is used to draw out salient factors.
  • Focus groups - for consumer work only.
  • Desk Research - access to information and critical reading skills blended effectively.
  • Anecdotal Research - these small but disproportionately powerful research programs can be vital to generate some insights in preparation for a major strategic project or bid. 
  • Observation.
  • Informal collection of data.
  • Analysis - both AQUAD7 or a human processing are offered.
  • Report and Presentation - informed, meaningful, meeting objectives.

    Additionally other events can be organised:
  • Technical training in marketing for experts and non-experts - building advocacy for brands.
  • Leadership and internal marketing - inspiring behaviour for better brands.
  • Insights into Change Management - how to reposition, re-build, and reorganise for brand management
  • ad hoc briefings

Typically we work to close gaps concerning commercial, channel, or consumer insights. We build models, identify factors and co-factors, describe relationships between variables, always with an emphasis on human factors.


Brands are Cognitive Relationships


Our main concern is the "Cognitive Relationship between Customer/Consumer and the Product". That knowing, feeling, caring and urging abstraction so often overshadowing our thoughts, which we may more simply call the "the brand relationship".


Richard Small


Richard is a people person.... their economic behaviour and psychology have fascinated him for 3 decades.  



              For all brands -

  • Brand Audit: Perceptions, Feelings, Positive/Negative inclinations
  • Target Groups: Attitudes and Aspirations
  • Target Groups: Decision Making Processes
  • Touchpoints and Journey: is the customer/consumer journey as believed?
  • Disillusioned and Cynical: can former customers be recovered?
  • Channel Confidential: Trade research, penetrative and discrete
  • Brand Messenger: have brand messages actually made their mark?
  • Brand Price Resilience: over or underestimation of brand differential?
  • Brand Stretch: which brand equities can be stretched and how far?

    For consumer brands -
  • Brand Personality: convergence with Target Groups normative self images and life styles.
  • Post Purchase Dissonance: being there for the remorseful buyer
  • Life Styler: "who" is the heavy user?

















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